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Established in 2006 by Katherine Powers, The Studio was created to help professional or aspiring professional singers of every genre gain mastery over their voice in order to have the skills and confidence necessary to build a successful career.


“Katherine saved my voice. Do you dread touring because your voice gets tired, or feel like you never have a healthy voice when you need it? She will fix it, and no she will not mess with your sound. She builds on what you have, targets problems causing your fatigue, and guides you through to relieve any issues. She is bar none the best vocal instructor I have ever worked with.” – Chris Vos, The Record Company, 2016 Grammy nominee

“There are very few people I trust with my voice, and Katherine is in that VERY SELECT FEW! Her impeccable knowledge of the vocal instrument and her lovely warm nature make every session in her studio a joy! She is a true asset for any singer to have.” – Candace Devine, sung and recorded with Christina Aguilera, Steven Van Zandt, Tony Lucca, Darren Criss

“I am a pop singer and have received personal lessons from some of the best vocal coaches in Los Angeles. Among my various teachers, I found Katherine to be the most knowledgeable about the physicality of the voice. She is gifted at communicating the intricacies of vocal technique in a way that makes learning and practice optimal. For this reason, I have recommended her over and over again, and have not been surprised to hear the same compliments from others about her knowledge and teaching ability. It is my personal opinion that any singer at any experience level would benefit from a lesson with Katherine.” – Dave Yaden, songwriter and singer

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Voice Lessons

Whether you’re a seasoned pro who’s been singing for years, or you’re someone looking for the tools to turn your love of singing into a career, anyone can learn to be a better singer. You begin with a vocal assessment, in which Katherine will help you gain insight about the strengths and weaknesses of your instrument. Then, gain mastery of it with a series of exercises tailor-made to suit your vocal needs.

Vocal Coaching

Perhaps you’ve got a gig coming up or you’re heading into the studio to record your next album. Whatever the venue, you know best where you’re running into trouble: straining for a high note, running out of breath, suffering from vocal fatigue or simply dreading a certain song. After years of teaching, Katherine has collected a “toolkit” of easy adjustments that affect a huge change in the voice in little-to-no time. Learn the instant-gratification tricks designed to make your singing and songs better NOW.

Audition Prep

You get the call you’ve been waiting for; that big audition fell right into your lap, and only a few bars of music stand between you and your dream gig. Now it’s time to do what the pros do: an intensive session targeting voice, musicality, performance and presentation – the winning combo for an outstanding audition – delivered succinctly with no time wasted. You’ll have everything you need to rock your audition with confidence and style.

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