The Critics are Raving About Streetcar!

Streetcar trio
Reviews are in and the critical response has been overwhelmingly positive for this sumptuous production of Previn’s A Streetcar Named Desire! Several reviews have highlighted Katherine Giaquinto’s performance:

“Soprano Katherine Giaquinto is clearly a performer with a future; she is vocally and dramatically secure, attractive and thoroughly musical. Her Stella is a smart cookie, but passionately in lust with Stanley; she loves her sister, but can’t believe that Stanley could rape her. Failed in her attempts at peacemaking, this Stella’s grief and confusion commanded attention.”

– Sarah Bryan Miller, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Bernardo Bermudez and Katherine Giaquinto share sparks of chemistry that show how Stanley’s primordial impulses brings out Stella’s lusty, earthy nature. Their verbal sparring is offset by the obvious sexual delight in each other, which makes Stanley’s brutish assaults on her all the more shocking. Both performers bring convincing acting and singing to their roles.”

– Mark Bretz, Ladue News

“I have never seen a more moving embrace on stage than when Stanley and Stella cling to each other after he strikes her; it’s real and honest and sexy and overflowing with need and passion-but also with tenderness and love… Katherine Giaquinto, as Stella, [has a] gorgeous clear lyric soprano voice… Miss Giaquinto beautifully captures all the sweetness that the composer has given to Stella’s role; her serenely blissful vocalise after that reconciliatory night with Stanley is one of the high-points of the evening.’

-Steve Callahan, Opera

“This is an opera worth seeing, and worth pondering. Lacy Sauter and Katherine Giaquinto, cast respectively in the lead roles of Blanche Dubois and her sister Stella Kowalski, are both gifted with powerful and unfailing voices, unwavering in accuracy.”

-Gary Scott,




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